English Lessons & French Conversation

For intermediate students in English

We reinforce your strengths, help you clarify grammar (verb tenses, comparatives and superlatives, and how to express habits are common issues), work on pronunciation and expand your vocabulary.

I encourage students to choose their subjects of conversation based on how much they want to talk about it and express it. Once a new word is learned, it is anchored in their memory as the emotion is first remembered and leads the way to the memory of telling the story and then the new word. Eventually the word “belongs” to the student who doesn’t need to remember the whole “story” behind it each time he or she needs it.

Students feel more confident after just a couple of sessions!

French Conversation for intermediate students

If you’d like to improve your conversational skills in French, I’ll be happy to be your “sounding board”. Pick a subject you’re passionate about and let’s discuss it! I’m looking forward to interesting, fun and constructive chats.

French is my first language. I was born in France and lived there for about 18 years. Living in Quebec, I can help students understand the difference between the expressions used in France and Quebec.