French and English Translation

French to English and English to French

Translating is often regarded as work that, in essence, seems to require no creation of any kind, only “copying” in another language. Surely, from that point of view, any bilingual person can do that.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The translator has perfected an art; the art of having a deep understanding of the two languages involved, including their cultures and how their realities translate into one another; the art of grasping terminology, to look for it in the right places and use proper judgment to see if it really applies. Lastly, the art of quieting the voice inside that would have expressed things differently, so that with the respect and integrity it deserves, the original text, at the very best, finds its translation to be an echo.

So have your text translated properly; give it the power to make a difference, the same difference in another language, and open the door to a bigger world!