Val is amazing! Her warm, empathic and quiet presence soothes your troubled spirit. She has the ability to hear your unspoken words of strength hiding behind your facade of resignation, worry and dare I say “hopelessness”. And using this “super power”, Val finds the perfect way to show you that you have the right to hope and that you have the strength to beat the challenges you are facing. Highly recommended.

Mary (Coaching)


This is the inspiration I’ve needed to help me turn the corner from struggling to more confident.  Thank you for your encouragement yesterday! That’s part of the reason for this break-through! I feel like a different person!

Anna (French Conversation)

I’ve needed guidance for some time, but I didn’t find anything truly useful and practical to work with until I met her. She has given me various tools to help me deal with issues I’m going through, the tools which have produced really good results so far and which no one else suggested to me before. Not any less important is the fact that she really cares about people and is very dedicated to the work she is doing and makes it very easy to communicate and connect with her which is the basis of successful guidance.

Daria (Coaching)


My path of self-discovery and personal growth at times, has me gravitating towards various types of coaching sessions. The latest is about one year ago, where I met Val, mediator and coach of a group discussion on how we use words.  Interesting and insightful. More importantly, useful! In other words, it’s nice to have a great conversation, but what we really want are tools to remember, apply, use, share and benefit from in our own unique lives. What we really want are better communication skills, better relationships, better health, more joy, more calm, stronger finances, and the list goes on.

Well, this is what Val’s all about. I engaged her services for a series of one on one coaching sessions, which she adapted to my particular goals. Well worth it! To this very day, my life is enhanced by Val’s words and generous spirit. Thank you Val.

Pascale (Coaching)

My life was empty and depressing. At that time I didn’t know who to turn to or what to do. I didn’t want to open to anyone anymore… till met her. She helped me with my overthinking, my anxiety and listened to all of my problems. This lady is blessed with helping others. She is always positive and caring and nice. She helped me so much that I don’t have many problems honestly. We talk, we laugh, we’re serious and we smile. I just wanted to say Thank you for the assistance. Anyone who is having difficulty with life, please contact her and she’ll help you to the BEST of her ability. :))
“Dear past, thank you for the lessons; dear future, I’m ready.”

Aliyah (Coaching)

I met Val at a meet-up group and after being in her presence for a few hours, I knew she could help me achieve success. Val’s energy is pure and a safe place to learn and make mistakes. In six short weeks, she has given me the confidence and encouragement to not only speak French with confidence, but change my attitude from “this is so hard” to “this is so much fun”.

I am eternally grateful to her and highly recommend retaining Val for any of her services. It will be the best gift you give yourself.

Kelly (French Conversation)

If you need someone, you came to right person here! Just give it a try, you won’t regret it!! Thank you for everything you did and do for me every day.
I really am grateful.

Anonymous (Coaching)

Very good life coach. She helped me going through my fears and anxiety for the future and to put my thoughts and belief in perspective.
Positive energy, good listener.

Lima Y. (Coaching)

Val is very kind and very good at listening. She listens to everything I have had to say and has a very non judging and very supportive attitude toward decisions and ideas I have had. She is very good at giving a different perspective on situations. I know I am on a better “path” with the coaching from Val.

William H. (Coaching)

It’s amazing how words can make you feel warm and fuzzy. Yours are like reading a summer sunset.

Peter Hartman (comment on post Passions in Movement Never Lies)

Very patient and understanding of my concerns. Guided me to feel confident about myself and being able to overcome the issues that I’m currently facing.

Anonymous (Coaching)

This was one of the most successful conversations I have been able to have in French. She gave me a lot of confidence and conducted the conversation at a pace and a level that was comfortable but also challenging. I would definitely recommend this tutor and use her again. Many thanks!

Laura Farrell (French Conversation)

You really have such a sweet and at the same time intense view on life! It is truly a gift to have a glimpse of how you view the world through your eyes

Claudia (comment on blog post Passions in Movement Never Lies)

Great person, great listener! Just a few words made me review my situation and feelings! I recommend!

Anonymous (Coaching)