Women’s Support Services

Working in a women’s clinic that provides termination of pregnancy services, I am part of a team whose mission is to provide care, respect, support and kindness to women who choose to come to us. As part of that team, I also realize that upon leaving our care after their procedure, some women might be in need of additional support.


By making post-termination support easier to find and more accessible, I believe that more women might reach for that service and find the help that they are looking for, whether it is days, weeks or years after the procedure.

My goal is to provide a safe space and time that will allow for women to be whatever it is they need to be in that moment, to find ways to breathe better and to help them create well-being strategies according to their pace, strengths, capacity and will. It is compassionate teamwork on the way back to a thriving life and empowerment.

After A Termination of Pregnancy
Active Listening and Additional Support 
  •   Know that you’re actively being heard with an open heart and open mind;
  •   Express what you are going through (context, emotions);
  •   Let’s take time to connect to your strengths;
  •   Learn to use those strengths to find a healthy balance.


To help, inform, guide and support you on your journey. This is about you, your feelings and your empowerment. It is important that the environment be one of compassion, encouragement and participation. We will focus on your strengths, the value of experiencing different perspectives and on how to integrate tools at your disposal.

  • First meeting is always free to find out if we work well as a team and what your needs are.
  • Sessions available in person, via video conference (video optional), chat or by phone.
  • Affordable individual session fees and multiple session discounts offered to allow for flexible access to this service.
Contact information: 
   Valérie Soulé
Tel:  438-388-8225
Email: thepowerofemotions@gmail.com

Scope of Practice

 I offer:

  • Active listening in a safe, non-judgmental environment
  • Emotional support
  • Referral to other resources
  • Help with re-discovering or discovering of strengths and skills
  • Learning and/or developing empowerment techniques and tools to overcome/push past emotional barriers
  • Learning how to use those strengths, skills and tools when needed
  • Help defining goals and designing a plan to achieve them
  • Encouragement staying on track and/or adjusting when needed (based on goals and plan).

I do not:

  • Offer services as a therapist or counselor (click here for difference between coaching and therapy)
  • Diagnose medical conditions
  • Give medical advice
  • Interpret medical diagnoses or clinical results
  • Fix you
  • Make decisions for you.

Targeted Training received

The Art and Science of Relationships: Understanding Human Needs – University of Toronto

Trauma-Informed Approaches to Post-Abortion Support – Hardy Consulting (Doula Training)

NLP Practitioner Certification – Scottish Academy of NLP Programming

Life Coach Certification – ExpertRating Global Certifications