The Power of Emotions

Personal Development Life Coaching and Language Services using emotions as guides and anchors to transform one’s life experience.




Regardless of the service you choose, my goal is for you to feel that:

. you’ve gained something truly valuable,

. the experience was most enjoyable,

. things now have a wonderful clarity about them,

. you feel more empowered than ever to move on to the next step.


Personal Life Coaching

Do you want more clarity, serenity, enthusiasm, freedom, hope, success, kindness and joy in your life? Emotions are guides and anchors. Let’s use them to our advantage!

WHAT IS A LIFE COACH? (click here for video)

“By harnessing specialist techniques based on core psychological principles and natural intuition, life coaches provide clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers and eventually view life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes.” (more…)

English Lessons & French Conversation

For intermediate students in English

We reinforce your strengths, help you clarify grammar (verb tenses, comparatives and superlatives, and how to express habits are common issues), work on pronunciation and expand your vocabulary.

I encourage students to choose their subjects of conversation based on how much they want to talk about it and express it. Once a new word is learned, it is anchored in their memory as the emotion is first remembered and leads the way to the memory of telling the story and then the new word. (more…)

French and English Translation

French to English and English to French

Translating is often regarded as work that, in essence, seems to require no creation of any kind, only “copying” in another language. Surely, from that point of view, any bilingual person can do that.

Unfortunately, this is not the case.

The translator has perfected an art; the art of having a deep understanding of the two languages involved, including their cultures and how their realities translate into one another; (more…)

About Me

Hello and welcome to this site,

I’m a personal empowerment coach, a teacher and a translator.

I’ve always been very sensitive and from an early age believed that my emotions were too much for this world and that I had to change and tone them down and be more rational. Eventually, over the years, I found my way back thanks to personal development and realized that emotions were my anchors, my guides, my strength; hence, the title of this site and how it’s influenced what I now do for a living . Continue reading “About Me”

How It Works


A typical life coaching session:

You talk. I listen. We define the issue(s) together. We explore feelings and focus (you feel, I guide your focus). I help you take ownership of your focus (tools for awareness, shift and anchoring of emotions). (more…)


For intermediate students

Contact me either by email or phone to schedule a meeting for a free evaluation. Upon mutual agreement regular meetings will be scheduled that accommodate your lifestyle.


You get in touch with me and send me your original document. I send you an estimate based on the word count of your document. We agree on a deadline. We stay in contact for possible clarification of terms or context. (more…)

Life Coaching Packages

I believe that when people commit their time and energy to hours dedicated to their well-being up front, they’re taking a crucial step.  They are one major step closer to realizing how truly powerful they are and what kind of an impact that has on their life experience. Continue reading “Life Coaching Packages”


Package of 6 hours


  • Self-doubt, chaos, confusion, powerlessness


  • Confidence. peace, clarity, a sense of who you are 



Package of 8 hours

 Do you want to:

  • Discover what makes you tick?
  • Find out how to hack your brain?
  • Commit to new healthy habits?



Package of 12 hours

You’re absolutely committed to a:

  • fun
  • thriving
  • joyful you?


Women’s Support Services

Working in a women’s clinic that provides termination of pregnancy services, I am part of a team whose mission is to provide care, respect, support and kindness to women who choose to come to us. As part of that team, I also realize that upon leaving our care after their procedure, some women might be in need of additional support.


Continue reading “Women’s Support Services”


Val is amazing! Her warm, empathic and quiet presence soothes your troubled spirit. She has the ability to hear your unspoken words of strength hiding behind your facade of resignation, worry and dare I say “hopelessness”. And using this “super power”, Val finds the perfect way to show you that you have the right to hope and that you have the strength to beat the challenges you are facing. Highly recommended.

Mary (Coaching)


This is the inspiration I’ve needed to help me turn the corner from struggling to more confident.  Thank you for your encouragement yesterday! That’s part of the reason for this break-through! I feel like a different person!

Anna (French Conversation)

I’ve needed guidance for some time, but I didn’t find anything truly useful and practical to work with until I met her. She has given me various tools to help me deal with issues I’m going through, the tools which have produced really good results so far and which no one else suggested to me before. Not any less important is the fact that she really cares about people and is very dedicated to the work she is doing and makes it very easy to communicate and connect with her which is the basis of successful guidance.

Daria (Coaching)


My path of self-discovery and personal growth at times, has me gravitating towards various types of coaching sessions. The latest is about one year ago, where I met Val, mediator and coach of a group discussion on how we use words.  Interesting and insightful. More importantly, useful! In other words, it’s nice to have a great conversation, but what we really want are tools to remember, apply, use, share and benefit from in our own unique lives. What we really want are better communication skills, better relationships, better health, more joy, more calm, stronger finances, and the list goes on.

Well, this is what Val’s all about. I engaged her services for a series of one on one coaching sessions, which she adapted to my particular goals. Well worth it! To this very day, my life is enhanced by Val’s words and generous spirit. Thank you Val.

Pascale (Coaching)

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