About Me

Hello and welcome to this site,

I’m a personal empowerment coach, a teacher and a translator.

I’ve always been very sensitive and from an early age believed that my emotions were too much for this world and that I had to change and tone them down and be more rational. Eventually, over the years, I found my way back thanks to personal development and realized that emotions were my anchors, my guides, my strength; hence, the title of this site and how it’s influenced what I now do for a living .

Emotions as anchors

English is my second language and I teach it because, first, I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned and second, because I remember what it was like. I remember the mistakes I made as a francophone and why and how I corrected them to eventually become bilingual. I remember that it was either repetition that allowed me to remember words or a memory associated to the word or concept. I learned from experience that an emotional memory, good or bad was actually more powerful, and so I used it to teach. I encourage students to pick their subjects of conversation based on how much they want to talk about it and express it. Once they learn a new word needed in that conversation, it is anchored in their memory because the emotion is first remembered and leads the way to the memory of telling the story and then the new word. Eventually the word “belongs” to the student who doesn’t need to remember the whole “story” behind it each time he or she needs it.

Emotions as guides

Words have always been important to me and have opened doors, healed wounds and revealed avenues to magical worlds of unsuspected beauty. I use them to explore emotions. One way is through a simple meditation. I’ve picked words that make me feel good and write them out on paper, one at a time. I choose a piece of paper at random, put it over my heart and bring up a memory or a scenario in my mind that will help me feel that word. Then I bask in the feeling for as long as needed.

It became even more powerful one day in particular when by expanding on the idea it eventually led to the exhilarating realization of how I fit into this world. It was quite a feeling! Like in those sci-fi movies when you’re in space and you’re surrounded by lights that are all converging toward one point. You’re going there too and once you get there …all is quiet, at peace and you’re floating. Everything is floating and everything fits. Everything makes sense.

The one powerful example that led me to life coaching.

val2-2    Valérie Soulé