Happy At Work

Not entirely happy at work? Looking for a fulfilling job?

You’re not alone. 70% of the people say that they are disengaged at work (Source: World Economic Forum in 2016). Of course the reasons vary widely but it is still a staggering statistic, yet one I’m sure which doesn’t entirely surprise you. Interesting isn’t it?

Thanks to the Pixar and Google of this world, I think more and more managers are becoming aware of the impact of employees’ happiness on the performance of the company so there is progress being made. Still, it’s a slow process, too slow for my taste honestly.

I am passionate about making a difference in the working world. I believe that it starts with the power of the individual through her or his well-being in a work environment. If you’re ready to take it upon yourself to change what takes up so much of your time, let’s work on it together!


  • Create a time & space for you to safely express yourself about your current job situation
  • Shine a light on your talents and on what motivates and inspires you at work
  • Give you empowering tools to turn challenges into opportunities
  • Help you map your way to the work environment you want.


This is beautiful teamwork!

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In the meantime, click here to have a look at our packages. I’m always happy to create your own once we’ve connected and defined how we will work together.