A typical life coaching session:

You talk. I listen. We define the issue(s) together. We explore feelings and focus (you feel, I guide your focus). I help you take ownership of your focus (tools for awareness, shift and anchoring of emotions).

When you feel good, it changes you. It changes how you react to situations and people, how you get inspiration and become hopeful and feel more energized. I believe you contribute to the world in a better way when you feel good because it is what benefits all of us.

Let me help you find your way back to you; the You that feels wonderful, natural, centered, true to your nature and your pace regardless of what is going on around you.

Then, YOU decide what to do with your potential, beauty, talent and gifts and you’re confident to do it at YOUR PACE. I believe this is where inspiration lives. 🙂

Sessions available:

On the phone – On Skype – In a Cafe

*In a private office or Breather (click to find out)

*$20/h extra for this type of location.